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Why is solar energy street light so popular in market?

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The market of solar PV module is stagnant after the new policy of 31th, May, 2018 in China, most of distributors start to do business for solar energy street light. Now solar street light is very popular in market, especially for countryside. Now let us learn more the reason for solar street light being popular in market.
Solar Energy Street Light

1. The invention of solar energy street light has brought a lot of convenience to human’s living.

1). In order to have a beautiful urban establishment, most of new projects for street lights have adopted solar energy street light. The traditional LED street light is very complicated to install, it needs pave cables and the electric consumption is high.

2). In contrast, the whole cost of solar energy street light is lower, and it is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, easy to install. In addition, it doesn’t need pave complicated wires. The cost of solar energy street light mainly comprises of LED lamp-head, lamp-pole, solar panel and controller.

3). Nowadays, saving energy has got global attention, the utilization of solar energy street light has greatly reduced the consumption of traditional energy. The price of solar energy street light has difference according to its allocation and materials.

Most of solar energy street lights can be lighting for 8h~9h after its battery being charged fully. The installation areas should be considered when to install, because different installation site need have different allocation. For example, the width of rural road is below 10m, most of them are 4m to 6m, then, the selection of lamp-head need to light this kind of road area.

4). The working principle of solar energy street light is that solar panel absorb sunlight and convert into electric power in daytime, it is controlled by smart controller, then it charges lithium battery, the battery provides power supply for LED lighting source to work in night to realize illumination function. The DC controller can ensure the battery not being able to damage because of over-charge or over-discharge, at the same time, it has the function of PIR motion sensor, light-control, timing-control, temperature compensation, anti-thunder and reverse polarity protection, etc.

Solar Energy Street Light

2. The working principle of solar energy street light.

1). Its working principle is to get through solar energy to be converted into electric power to realize illumination function. The top of lamp-head is solar panel, also being said as solar PV module. The solar panel converts sunlight into electric power to store inside battery in daytime. The solar controller would control the battery to discharge for LED lamp to work in night.

2). As solar energy street light is powered by solar, it doesn’t need connect long wires, not being able to have leakage of electricity and other potential damage. There is no need to pave complicated wires, no need AC to provide power, no electric cost.

3). It is low carbon environmental protection, safety and reliability, which has been widely recognized, and has got greatly facilitated. Therefore, it can be widely used for urban main and subsidiary road, communities, factories, tourist spots and parking lots, etc.

Solar Energy Street Light

3. The advantages of solar energy street light.

1). Widely Energy Sources.
Solar energy street light is provided power supply by solar PV module. As a cleaning and environmental protection energy, solar power is inexhaustible in supply and always available for use. To make the most use of solar energy has positive effect to relieve the tension of traditional energy.

2). Convenient and Easy to install.

It is very easy and convenient to install solar energy street light, there is unnecessary to pave cables and make a lot of infrastructural works. It just needs have a foundation to fix, all lines and control parts are put inside the bracket of solar lamp, to form an entire.

3). Low cost for maintenance.

The mainly battery types are Lead-acid battery and Lithium battery to be used for solar energy street lights. Lead-acid battery is gel battery with maintenance free. Lithium battery is a kind of safe battery, which is maintenance free. The whole system is intelligent control by itself, no need hand to control, it is nearly not to have maintenance cost.

The lifespan of solar energy street light is also influenced by the routine necessary maintenance. In the initial installation period, the construction standards need be seriously performed, its allocation should be reasonable, the battery capacity can be relatively enlarged to prolong the lifespan of solar energy street light.


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