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What is the global market development tendency for Solar LED Flood Light?

Publish Time:2018/10/09 Company News View:252

From 2016 to 2020, the global market of solar LED flood light is forecasted to increase with compound annual rate of growth by 19%. The global market for solar flood light can be classified as fluorescent lamp and LED. Currently, solar LED flood light is mainstream in market.
The rapid growth for solar LED flood light market is to meet the increasing demand, to reduce the power consumption of LED, to guarantee residence’s and walker’s activities safety.
solar LED flood light

In 2015, the market share of solar LED flood light is 46% in the Asian-Pacific region, it is 30% in European, Middle East and African market, while American market is just 23%.

Asian-Pacific region: China’s and Indian governments take positive measure to stimulate its increase. Asian-Pacific region has the biggest market share, that is because Indian and China’s governments facilitate LED Flood Light. Moreover, there are many LED chip and packing factories in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Indian government dedicates to develop intelligent cities, its target is to establish at least 100 intelligent cities by 2030. Being different with traditional flood light, solar LED flood light has better cost-effectiveness, because it is no need connect to grid power, it is very suitable for the Countries which have sufficient sunlight, it is ideal off-grid lighting product. Even if it is in night, the remote area solar LED flood light still can operate, which can improve local residence’ live standard. These factors can facilitate 1000 villas to install solar LED flood light, that is the reason that most of villas have installed solar LED flood light in India, China and Africa.
solar LED flood light
Europe, Middle East and Africa: The African market of solar LED flood light has a huge potential.
In 2015, Europe is the second large contributor of the global solar LED flood light market, the market is mainly pushed by the target of energy-efficiency and renewable energy which is made by government, which has facilitated the installation of solar LED flood light in Europe. In United Kingdom, LED flood light is 40% of energy-consumption, therefore its local government integrates solar power and LED flood light, this scheme is helpful for the reduction of the carbon dioxide emission, and save energy, it is good for energy-saving street lighting system being improved to use. European and South of Middle East area have sufficient sunlight, off-grid lighting system can be exploited perfectly in the area. In addition, the Egypt government is installing more solar LED flood light to reduce the load of state-grid. Most of African areas still use traditional lighting, but some of African Countries have installed solar LED flood lighting system to improve rural and urban social and economic situation.
solar LED flood light

America: Brazil and USA have increasing demand for solar LED flood light.

USA’s government is greatly pushing the development of energy-saving industry, the cost reduction of LED flood light and solar panel have improved its performance, and it has accelerated the installation of solar LED flood light in United States. In 2016, Las Vegas cooperated with EnGoPLANET which is in New York, installing solar LED flood light to reform traditional energy and facilitate to use sustainable and renewable energy. Although United States dominates the market of solar LED flood light in North American area, while Brazil is the market domination of South American area. Brazil has made a large investment to research solar LED flood light since 2013.

In a summary, solar LED flood light has got greatly development in global market and most of Countries have installed it in the world. With its technological development, solar LED flood light would replace more traditional lighting to become domination in the lighting market.


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