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What should be considered when you select a LED lamp?

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You should clearly understand what is your requirement when you are looking for ideal LED Lamp for home or office, then you can choose the lighting color of LED lamp. Or you might just want to look for an alternative lamp for a 60W incandescent lamp. Then, what should be considered when buying LED lamp? How to correctly select a LED lamp?
selecting a good LED lamp

1. Low Watt and High Lumen.
Firstly, you should consider how to save energy and electric cost. The Lamp would be more brightness if its lumen is high. LED lamp can provide many lumens only if having some watts when comparing with incandescent lamp. So, you should find a low watt with high lumen, because it can save energy.
Usually, 12W LED lamp can provide the same brightness as 60W incandescent lamp, which can save a lot of electric cost for you.

2. Long Lifespan.

Secondly, you should consider the lifespan of LED lamp. If lamp works 3 hours a day for each year, most of LED lamp can work 25,000~50,000 hours.

3. Lighting Color and CRI (Color Rendering Index).

Thirdly, you should consider the lighting color of LED lamp. One of LED advantages is that its lighting beams can be adjusted up to full spectrum. The lighting color of LED lamp can be Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Warm White and Cold White. The color temperature is lower, the white lighting is more yellow. If the color temperature is more high, its lighting color would be towards blue color. The color temperature should be 2700K if you want to Warm White. The lighting beams would be similar with halogen lamp if its color temperature is 3000K. Its color temperature should be 3500K~4100K if you want to cold color. Its color temperature should be 5000K~6500K if you want to natural white.
The other aspect of lighting color is CRI (Color Rendering Index), it can reflect the accuracy of lighting color. The CRI is higher, the LED lamp can bright more objects.

4. The Lighting Transition.

LED lamp produces lighting at defined direction. So, the importance is to find the angle of lighting transition. Lighting transition is named as beam angle. The beam angle of LED lamp is 15, 30, 45, 60 and 100 degree in market, the 120 and 180 degree are seldom appearing. The LED lamp can be used as spotlight if its beam angle is less 30 degree, its brightness or lumen is the most. Most of their watt is less 5W, which is very applicable for stores and other outstanding areas.
It is applied for high power LED lamp if its beam angle is above 30 degree, such as flashlight. They can be put on the ceiling to bright room, usually their watts are above 5W, room can be brightened by many flashlights.
If the ceiling is high (above 3m), it just needs 30~45 degree for beam angle. If the ceiling is below 3m, it is better to adopt 60~100 degree for beam angle.
The beam angle can be enlarged by setting reflector and diffuser, but the lumen would decrease if the beam angle increase.
selecting a good LED lamp

5. Appropriate LED Lamp.

The weight of LED lamp is a litter heavier than traditional Lamp, you should check to ensure the bracket being able to support the weight of LED lamp. LED lamp can not be completely sealed inside lampshade, because its heat dissipation would be shortage of its lifespan. If you want to use LED lamp for outdoor, the LED lamp need waterproof and dustproof.

6. Product Certificates.

It is very important for LED lamp to coordinates with some safety standards. Different Countries have different certificate requirement, for example, Europe need CE, RoHS, North America need FCC.

7. Warranty.

Manufacturers should have warranty for LED lamp. For example, one year warranty for solar LED garden light, three years warranty for solar LED street light.
selecting a good LED lamp

Above are these aspects that you should consider when planning to purchase LED lamp. With the LED technological development, more and more traditional lighting sources have been replaced by LED. LED lamp has been widely applied for illumination spread every corner.

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