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Why can solar powered street lamp be energy-saving?

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There are many kinds of solar powered street lamps in market, the lighting-control with energy-saving lamp is the mainstream. They can be classified as three categories from the working principle of solar street lamp.
solar powered street lamp

1. Controlled Silicon Chopper Solar Powered Street Lamp.

Chopping regular has a lot of harmonic wave, which is harmful to power grid. Some power-saving device also can adopt advanced lighting protection technology, it can prevent electric circuit of solar street lamp from damage by thunder and lightning after getting through integrated optimization design.

2. Autotransformer Step-Down Device for Energy-Saving.

Its core component is a multi-tap transformer, the transformer ratio is fixed, it has the technological defectiveness that stabilized power can’t be controlled timely, it can’t protect lighting source.

3. Intelligent Controller for Lighting Control.

Intelligent controller can realize smart lighting adjustment to effectively protect lighting source, it also can reduce the power consumption to realize energy-saving, its utilization economy and reliability are far beyond better than formers. Therefore, it is the mature control solution for lighting-control in the current global market. The energy-saving device also can adopt micro computer to realize smart control, it is via inside specialization optimize software to collect, analyze and calculate, to control inner integrated filter circuit, current waveform, compensating power factor, to absorb inner distortion current, then converts into useful power circularly, to improve entire power efficiency. It coordinates with load variable to dynamically adjust the request current, voltage under working states. It would adjust power automatically to reach smart energy-saving. The energy-saving rate of lighting economizer is above 25%. Its advantages are convenient to connect, automatic to adjust without maintenance, to reduce the consumption of useful power, decrease useless power, it is multi-protection, safety and reliability. The lifespan of lighting source can be prolonged over one time by reducing starting current.

According to above description, intelligent control solar powered street lamp is mainstream in current market. It is getting through intelligent controller to control its entire circuit system to realize energy-saving. In addition, LED lighting source is also energy-saving, it is low power consumption with high lumen semiconductor lighting product. We adopt intelligent control to combine with LED lighting source, which would reach the most use of energy-saving characteristic. After learning the energy-saving function, now you can select solar powered street lamp for your projects without worry.

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