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Reveal the cost of solar street light and compare with LED street light

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Why some price of solar street light is very low ? I think many purchasers always feel confusion that they always get low prices quoted by some sellers. Some purchasers just consider the price when purchasing solar street lights, while don’t be careful for quality. But the quality would have problem if just considering low price. Now let us reveal the cost of solar street lights.
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1. Why the price of solar street light is higher than traditional LED street light ?

Outdoor lighting contractor would be puzzled that why the cost of solar street light is higher than LED street light, because these lights are also for outdoor illumination.
It can be found that they have many similarities when comparing solar street light with traditional LED street light. The light source of solar street light is also LED, the quality of lamp-post is also the same, the cost of these parts don’t have many differences.
Regards to components, solar street light has more components than LED street light, including solar panel, battery storage, battery box.

In terms of solar panel, its price is due to quality, the unit price of solar panel is calculated by watt. The price of battery storage is calculated by AH, more higher capacity, price is more higher.
For traditional LED street light, if need premium quality, its configuration is lamp body, lamp-post and power supply. But for solar street light, if need configure premium quality, the cost of solar panel, battery storage, lamp body and lamp-post would be improved. This is the reason why solar street light has more higher price than traditional LED street light.

Although the cost of solar street light is higher than traditional LED street light, considering the features of solar street light, such as electricity free, intelligent work mode, wiring task free, easy to maintain, it is still popular in market.

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2. What do consist of LED street light price ?

The cost of LED street light is mainly made up of three parts which are lamp-body, power supply and lamp-post.
For lamp-body, price due to product style, light speed, and brand,etc.
For power supply, it attribute to watt and brand.
For lamp-post, it rely on height, material quality and thickness,etc.
Cost of packing and buried cage, etc are also a part of price.

As a whole, the price of LED street light is according to configuration and request, don’t have standard pricing. It might have different prices even if looking the same for two different style LED street lights.

3. How to make pricing for manufacturers of LED street light ?

Different configuration and request is relative with different prices, then how to make pricing so that it is reasonable ?
Frankly, profit of manufacturers is 5% ~ 10%, plus all cost, then it is price. The price composition of traditional LED street light is more simple than solar street light, it is more easy to calculate. The gap of prices is small basing on the same configuration.
solar street light-illumination

4). The price composition of LED street light.

Usually, price component of most products is raw materials, accessories cost, labor cost, transportation and packing cost, Enterprise rent, depreciation cost of equipment, tax and profit.

Regards to price composition of LED street light, it includes cost of lamp-body, lamp-post, power supply, buried cage, labor cost, package and transportation. LED lamp head is made up of lamp case, reflector, lens (lampshade) and LED chip, etc. Different standards, brands, styles have different prices. Price also is effected by thickness of lamp-post, material quality, height etc. Controller also have difference.
The price of LED street light is according to configuration and request, quality also has different between different brands.

Above all, price has difference, quality has difference. To choose which one is according to customer’s target and budget. Quality is higher, illumination is more brightness, lifetime is more longer, customers can choose the one which is best suitable for themselves according to their project requirement.

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