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What Factors would influence the lifespan of outdoor solar landscaping light ?

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With the economic development, outdoor solar landscaping light has been applied for various fields in our daily lives. The fast development of outdoor solar landscaping is attributed to human being’s increasing requirement to energy. Solar power generation has many advantages over thermal power generation, hydropower and nuclear energy, etc. It is cleaning energy, safety and sufficient source, it is environmental friendly and energy-saving lamp.
outdoor solar landscaping light

There are many categories for outdoor solar landscaping light, such as decorative solar garden light, solar high-pole light, solar lawn light and solar wall light with motion sensor, etc. Now let us talk about what factors would influence the lifespan of outdoor solar landscaping light.

1) The influence of insulation and installation.
The correct installation and great insulation would improve the lifespan of outdoor solar landscaping light.

2) The influence of electrolytic Capacitor.

When the inner temperature of electrolytic capacitor has increased, the sealed terminals of electrolytic capacitor would have electrolyte to leak, this phenomena would increase with the going up of temperature, usually, the leakage would be increased by 2 times when the temperature is going up 10℃, namely, its lifespan would be shrunk by 2 times. Therefore, the quality of electrolytic capacitor has decided the lighting source lifespan of outdoor solar landscaping light.

3) The influence of switching times.

There is input type of rectifier loop built-in the inner of driving power supply of outdoor solar landscaping light, it would have surge current when input power, at this time, the surge current would shock the inner components of power supply, hereby to influence the usage lifespan of driving power supply.

Above is just briefly to express some factors to influence the lifespan of outdoor solar landscaping light. In fact, there are still many factors to influence its usage life, such as materials quality, the environmental situation of installation site, etc. No matter the environment of your installation site is harsh, the usage life of outdoor solar landscaping light also can be guaranteed only if you pay attention to quality. When you plan to purchase, you should get balance between quality and prices, which is decided by your budget and project requirement. In my opinion, each project should be specially designed according to customers’ requirement and budget.


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