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Do you know how to form LED lighting?

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It is very common for LED lamp to be applied in our daily lives. It has replaced traditional lighting source to become the mainstream. Can you imagine that LED was just used for indicator before 1990? It entered into a new generation since a revolutionary invention in 1993, white lighting color LED was also invented before long.
how to form LED lighting

The Emerging of Blue Lighting Color LED.

LED was originated in 1961, United States’ company, Texas Instruments, developed the LED which was compounded by Indium Gallium Phosphide material, its lighting discharge wavelength is near infrared ray. In 1962, the red light-emitting diode was invented by US-GE company, it was not been widely used because its conversion rate is bad and its light wavelength is faraway from the scope of visible light, it was just exploited as indicator. In 1991, US-HP and Japan’s Toshiba companies researched green lighting diode, as it lacked of blue LED, it can’t be compounded to become white lighting source basing on the principle of trichromatism.

Up to 1993, Japan’s Shuji Nakamura successfully researched super brightness blue lighting diode. Comparing with traditional fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp, LED is not just small size, environmental protection, energy-saving, long lifespan up to 100,000 hours, it also brings big benefits to developing Countries which are shortage of grid power electricity, because LED is low power consumption. Nowadays, people’s sense of environmental protection and energy-saving has got gradually improved, LED has become the new lighting source for illumination and monitor in 12th Century.

how to form LED lighting
Revolutionary Lighting Devices.
In order to exploit LED for lighting devices, the white lighting color LED can be compounded by red, green and blue. Although this can solve the problem which had no white light color in past, it also has many defects, it is not just costly, the lifespan of the three kinds of LED is also different, the lighting device must be thrown away if one of them has been damaged. Therefore, scientists from the world also look for solution methods, the solution would be fluorescent powder.
As the basic material for light diode, inorganic powder is named as fluorescent powder, this material has high conversion efficiency for light energy and high color saturation, it is easy to compound and process, it can be mainly classified as main crystal lattice and activator. Main crystal lattice is the main crystal structure of fluorescent powder, it provides coordination environment for activator, it would influence the lighting performance of activator.

Activator is to mix into the ion of body, it is the main lighting center, usually it is lanthanon. The most famous fluorescent powder is yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) which was revealed by NICHIA CORPORATION in 1996, this fluorescent powder can be stimulated by blue LED (wavelength is 460 nanometer). While the yellow lighting which is discharged by YAG, after adding appropriate fluorescent powder addition, the blue light which is discharged by blue LED crystal chip can be got, to mix the yellow light which is discharged by YAG yellow fluorescent powder, the white color light can be formed. This device is not just low cost, it also can solve the different lifespan problem which is to adopt three different color LEDs.

how to form LED lighting

What would be developed for LED lamp in future?

According to statistics, if one fourth of incandescent lamps and traditional fluorescent lamps were replaced by white color LED in Taiwan, then 11 billion Kilowatts hours electric power can be saved each year, it were equivalent to the power which was generated by nuclear power plant a year. Therefore, as the main lighting source for future illumination, it would be important to improve LED brightness and reduce cost.

With the universal of modernize mobile, laptop and big LED television, it also makes LED be widely used for backlight panel. As the invention of blue LED, now we can operate computer controller to make LED bight millions of kinds of color lightings. Therefore, LED can be exploited for big display board, traffic light, and backlight system of screen.

In addition, nowadays, the computer to control LED for lighting discharge also commonly used to simulate sunlight, to work greenhouse planting, therefore, we can always view the flowers for different seasons at the same time.


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