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How to tell the quality for solar powered LED street light?

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Recently, with the technological development, customers’ sense has got improvement. Solar powered LED street light also entered into our lives. Most of traditional LED street lights have been replaced by solar powered street light. It also become the urgent question to know how to select high quality solar powered LED street light. As there are a lot of solar street lights in market, prices are different, but they seem not having many differences from appearance. Now let me tell you how to tell the quality for solar powered LED street light.
solar powered LED street light

1. Firstly, we should know the LED lamp head, it is a factor for the thickness or thinness of its outer case. Its inner structure includes Aluminum substrate, aluminum plate. The quality of solar LED lamp can be told by comparing the thickness or thinness of these structural components.

2. For the battery, it should check whether it is special for solar powered LED street light or not, now some manufacturer use starting power supply as storage battery, which would largely damage the lifespan of solar powered LED street light.

3. To check the lamp-post is hot galvanizing spray-paint or cold galvanizing spray-paint, their difference is at the cut, the cut of hot galvanizing still has plating film, the cut of cold galvanizing doesn’t have plating film. Usually, the lifespan of hot galvanizing is above 20 years, while the lifespan of cold galvanizing is around 1 year.

Customers can select a good solar powered LED street light only if getting above methods. It is important to learn how to tell the quality, especially for government’s projects. For each project, we can understand that price is important, but we also should notice that the quality is the same importance. There are many factors to decide the price of solar powered LED street light, but for those which are the same quality and configuration, their prices would not have big difference. There is undeniable that some manufacturers would have their own advantages to control cost without reducing quality, but as solar powered LED street light has been developed for many years, every technology has got mature, the price is already transparent, even if some manufacturer has their own advantages to reduce cost, that would be very limitation. If you get the price very low comparing other manufacturer, but you can’t tell its difference just from appearance, you should decide that the quality of lower price solar street light would be lower. If you are very careful prices, my suggestion is that you can ask more quotation from market, to eliminate the least price and highest price, then to calculate their average price, and to select the ones which are around the average price. At the last is that you should ensure the manufacturer that you select is reliable.

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